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J Balvin says he has a lot in common with Justin Bieber

The singer found several details of his personality reflected in the Canadian star

J Balvin and Justin Bieber have much more in common than just music. While working together on the song La Bomba, the Colombian singer found similarities in the Canadian artist that reminded him of himself.

J Balvin and Justin Bieber©@juanbotero @jbalvin
J Balvin and Justin Bieber worked together on the song 'La Bomba'

J Balvin, whose full name is José Álvaro Osorio Balvín, told the cameras of the Mexican program Ventaneando that he identified with the interpreter of Sorry since they both have gone through complicated stages in their lives. The singer both struggled with depression that, with the support of their family, they have been able to control.

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Balvin added that far from teaching Justin what the music industry is like and "sponsoring him," it is the Canadian singer who is giving him a push in his career with the collaboration they have together. "Justin’s career has years on me. It's easier for Justin to sponsor me than I can sponsor him," he said.

During the past days, J Balvin has been melting fans’ hearts with his recent photos on his social platform. Teasing fans with the idea of being a great dad, Balvin is seen carrying a baby and his puppy, Felicidad.

J Balvin©@jbalvin
J Balvin revealed that he already wants to be a dad

"Sure, absolutely," he replied happily when asked if he already wanted to become a dad. "The fact what I am transparent does not mean that I am a saint. Bad or good is as subjective, but perfection ... zero and obviously many mistakes and little sins out there. Obviously I want to be a father, I want to have a family; I also want to be mentally and emotionally prepared to allow that being that comes to have a better life than mine," he assured.

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