J Balvin

J Balvin is your meditation guide in new ‘Colores’ experience

The 34-year-old is your spiritual and musical guide

J Balvin wants to help you relax! The Colombian musician teamed up with Spotify for the Colores Experience. In conjunction with the release of his new album, the 34-year-old Blanco rapper curated a playlist complete with guided meditation. Breathe as the rapper takes a few seconds in between songs to talk about the feeling a particular color brings to each element of his life and how it could help you.

J Balvin Colores Experience with Spotify©@jbalvin
J Balvin and Spotify teamed up for the relaxing Colores Experience

In the introduction, Bienvenidos a Colores, Balvin takes fans inside of his mind and his personal connection to meditation. “It’s like going deep down into the sea and then coming up with the waves and feeling that calmness that was below,” he shared. “It allows my creativity or the way I work to be simpler, less complicated. The idea of making Colores came in a moment of medication. When I close my eyes, sometimes I feel the colors.”

In addition to the welcome, the Rojo rapper guides listeners through Felicidad (Happiness) Olas (Waves), Tranquilidad (Calm), Vida (Life) and Amor (Love). By the end of the experience, all the tension flows away. J Balvin took the important step with the release of his fourth album.

The musician pushed the release date up from its original March 20 release, to March 19. The reason? To make the world a little brighter. "I wanted to do it because people are right now are, like, really desperate at their houses," he told the Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon via FaceTime.

J Balvin Colores release©@jbalvin
The Morado rapper made the choice to release his album one day earlier

"I know that this is not the regular time to drop an album, because everything goes against what normally works when it comes to marketing," J continued to say. "I was like, I'm gonna stop being a competitor for one second, for real, and give light and colors to the people that are right now in their houses feelin' a little frustrated." He added: "Let's give them a different vibe."