Ouch! Thalía gives update on cake accident injury

The singer-actress showed a close up of the burn on her arm

After Thalía suffered a minor burn on her arm, the Mexican singer-actress has given an update on how the situation is looking, and as her son said, “it’s like flesh.” Eek! Earlier this week, Thalía took to social media to share photos and videos of a six-tier ‘80s inspired cake she received from Divine Delicacies. While trying to place the sparkler candles on, one of them accidentally tumbled over resulting in a minor burn on her forearm. Ouch! But the former telenovela actress played it off très cool and continued as if nothing had happened.

Thalía burned her arm while placing sparkler candles on her cake

When she showed a glimpse of her burn the first time, it didn’t look too bad – only slightly red. Next to the clip she wrote, “‘The show must continue’ and my mind overcomes the pain automatically. However, arriving at my house that night and even until today, the burn is a constant throbbing.” A few days later thought, the 48-year-old’s scorch was looking pretty fleshy with the top layers of her skin peeled off.

The mom-of-two never stops amusing her fans and more than 15 million followers on social media. Aside from keeping it real, she takes them behind the scenes while getting ready, shares her healthy meals and much more.

Aside from updating the world on her arm’s burn in her stories, the Amor a la Mexicana actress also revealed she has some exciting things coming up. As it is, Thalía has had a busy 2020.

She recently hosted Premio Lo Nuestro alongside Pitbull, her lifelong dream of meeting John Travolta, her childhood crush, came true, she’s collaborated with Río Roma and it appears she has more projects in the works.

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