Sebastian Yatra posing on Grammy Awards 2020 red carpet
HOLA! USA Interview

Grammy nominee Sebastian Yatra reveals big plans with Ricky Martin and details on his first ‘American’ song

The Colombian hitmaker talked to HOLA! USA about his magical night at the Grammys, what it feels like representing the Latin community and his exciting 2020 ahead

Sebastian Yatra’s Fantasia was nominated for Best Latin Pop Album at the Grammys 2020, and although it was Alejandro Sanz who took home the award, the Colombian singer made the most of the night with a huge smile on his face. The pop star, who received his nomination with almost tears in his eyes, was honored just to share the category with such a big name in the industry: “We are nominated for Latin Album of the year alongside Luis Fonsi, Maluma, Montaner, Sanz, so for me it’s crazy just the fact of being in that category, let’s see who wins,” he shared with his online fans in the sweetest video, “whatever the outcome, we will celebrate it, and if Sanz wins, I’ll take the award to Spain with me,” continued the singer who is currently based in the European country appearing on the local version of TV show The Voice as a coach. HOLA! USA had the chance to talk to the 25-year-old on the Grammys’ red carpet where he spilled the beans on the exciting night and his incredible plans for the year ahead.

Sebastian Yatra posing at the recording studio©sebastianyatra
Sebastian is going to be busy this year, he will be acting in a new series for one of the biggest platforms in the world

HOLA! USA:Hi Sebastian and congrats for tonight. How’s it’s feel being here as a nominee?
Sebastian Yatra:
“Amazing thank you. So happy to be a part of this. Happy to run into some of my favorite artists. It’s been a crazy ride to get here, there’s so many things I’ve learned this year and I want to keep making good music and songs that touch people’s hearts.”

What are you excited about the most this evening, beside winning?
“I mean, I definitely want to see BTS, Ariana. Shawn Mendes. Rosalia... she’s killing it for us Latins!”

Sebastian Yatra posing with girlfriend Tiny Stoessel©sebastianyatra
Sebastian is dating Argentine singer Tiny Stoessel

And what’s it’s like to be here representing for the Latin community?
“It’s awesome, it’s a huge honor for me to be a part of the Latin acts at the American Grammys this year. We had three nominations and the Latin Grammys were so huge. It’s so fun to be here. It motivates you to keep going harder and work harder.”

What else can we expect from you this year?
“I’m going to be acting. My first series for one of the biggest platforms in the world when it opens up for Latin America. I have my new single coming out with Ricky Martin which is an amazing ballad that we did together, that’s coming out in a couple months and many many surprises! I’m going to release my first all American (English) song. Last year I had the chance to sing with the Jonas Brothers.”

How was it working with the Jonas Brothers and seeing other artists collaborate on crossover tracks?
“I think it’s amazing that they’re doing that. Joining cultures is so fun. I did Runaway with the Jonas brothers. I did KPop with MONSTA X.”

-Interview by Tionah Lee

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