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Justin Bieber reveals he has been struggling with Lyme disease

The singer confirmed the news on social, where he explained the cause behind his health problems

In recent months, Justin Bieber's appearance has caused great concern among his fans. His smile was not the same and his lifestyle seemed to be covered by a great shadow of depression. While many associated the new look to a relapse of addiction, others claimed the star was not going through a great emotional state. Despite living happily as a married man, there was something that was stopping him from fully enjoying the special moments. On Wednesday, the singer revealed that he has been suffering from Lyme disease.

Justin Bieber©@justinbieber
Justin Bieber confirmed he suffers from Lyme disease, which took months to be diagnosed

Though the news initially broke on TMZ, Hailey Baldwin's husband confirmed the news on social media. "While a lot of people kept saying Justin Bieber looks like shit, on meth etc. they failed to realize I've been recently diagnosed with Lyme disease, not only that but had a serious case of chronic mono which affected my, skin, brain function, energy, and overall health, "he wrote alongside a screenshot of the article.

Though Justin did not reveal how he contracted the disease, judging by the history of it and the experience of celebrities such as Thalia, Avril Lavigne and Ashley Olsen, the singer was likely infected by the bite of a tick. "These things will be explained further in a docu series I'm putting on YouTube shortly.. you can learn all that I've been battling and OVERCOMING” the25-year-old said.

Justin Bieber©@justinbieber
Justin Bieber is about to release a documentary in which he will explain his fight against Lyme disease

Like other patients diagnosed with this disease, Justin's path was not straightforward. Before being diagnosed, the singer spent a lot of time not knowing exactly what was causing all his symptoms. "It's been a couple of difficult years, but receiving the right treatment that will help treat this incurable disease so far and I will come back and be better than ever," he said in an optimistic message.

Justin and Hailey Baldwin are a lot more calm now that the singer's illness is being properly treated. Now the couple can continue with their plans, which among them seems to be parenthood. In a recent video published by the singer, Justin is heard saying that he will soon return to the stage, do a tour and after that: babies!

Justin and Hailey were married last September 30, in a luxurious ceremony in South Carolina. In front of 150 guests, the Canadian and the American swore eternal love for the second time. The intimate celebration was attended only by family and friends closest to the couple.

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