J Balvin Blanco music video

J Balvin puts kittens center stage in new 90s-esque video and it's wild!

Fasten your seatbelts - this is a zany ride!

J Balvin paid homage to the 90s in the purrrfect way. The Colombian superstar sends viewers on a wild and nostalgic ride with his latest music video for the song Blanco. Frozen over with a frosty filter, the short features hypnotic swirls, creepy choreography and flying cats (yes, you read that correctly) among various trippy elements. J is spot on when he calls the video "just crazy." Of course, there's a method to his whimsical madness.

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The real star of J Balvin’s Blanco music video

"I want to change the game," the 34-year-old hitmaker told New Music Daily with Zane Lowe on Apple Music's Beats 1. "I want to change every time, I want to turn to the sound that is going on with the Latin market, but not even the Latin market, you know? I just want to refresh the game in every scene."

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"We really wanted a new concept of videos again and to just bring the real entertainment like these old videos in the 90s," J added. "Like, we want to make statements. That's why with this first song, Blanco, what I want to do is start creating a new statement about going back to the real videos… like Michael Jackson vibe. Make videos classics."

While on the show, J also opened up about his struggles with anxiety and depression. "Man, you know it's been a difficult journey. Ups and downs," he said, "but like any human being, I went through hard times the last few months, through anxiety and depression, and it helps me to share that with the world, and show them that we're artists and things but we are human beings, and that the real blessing then is... to have health, and mental peace."

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