There’s no doubt Leo Messi and his wife Antonella Roccuzzo have the cutest, most charming children. However, it’s Mateo, the couple’s middle child, who often steals our hearts with his spontaneous ways. That’s what occurred last weekend when the little one attended a Barcelona against Betis soccer match with his father at the Camp Nou stadium.

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Tiago and Mateo accompanied their father to a Barcelona match

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In a clip that’s now gone viral on social media, we can see Mateo is attentively watching the game from the stands while sitting on his father’s lap. Suddenly Messi’s facial expression turns sour as well as his fellow teammate’s Luis Suarez, who sits next to them, while seeing Betis is dangerously close to their team’s goal line.

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However, it was only a scare for the team didn’t score and Barcelona was saved. But for Mateo, he apparently thought the ball had indeed gone inside the goal and even believed the “fake goal” had been made by his father’s team, as he celebrated the faux score. His reaction caused Messi and Luis to burst out laughter and the Argentine player sweetly hugged his son, who smiled with embarrassment after learning he was rooting for the wrong team.

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But apparently, Mateo is not so innocent when it comes to his mistakes of celebrating other teams who aren’t his father’s goals. According to a recent interview, Messi revealed his second oldest son often celebrates Barcelona’s biggest rival’s goals only to make his older brother angry. “Sometimes the T.V. is on and he yells Madrid’s goals. My son Tiago heats up and Mateo yells them out to get to him,” he said during a chat with TyC Sports.

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Mateo (in red) is a little menace who loves to play tricks on his family

And it’s not only his eldest son who falls victim to Mateo’s pranks. During the same interview, the soccer star confessed he has also been a victim of his son whenever his team loses. “We were playing at home and we began kicking. Mateo would tell me: ‘You are Barça and I’m Liverpool, I bet I win. He understands a little still,” he said while laughing.

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