Miley Cyrus is huge fan of this latest trend: high fashion logos

From bathing suits to vintage jewelry, the songstress is an enthusiast of this trend.

There is no question that Miley Cyrus loves taking risks when it comes to her style. She can don a red latex one-piece suit — like in her video Mother’s Daughter — or an original vintage piece combo for a night out on the town. In any case, this superstar celeb knows how to impart her personal signature and, at the same time, stay in tune with the latest fashion trends with accessories. Those that incorporate many logos into their style (often refered to as 'logomania') have gone on become an essential part of her looks, especially necklaces, purses, and personalized shoes.

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Miley Cyrus luce un bikini con el estampado de DiorVIEW GALLERY

Bathing suits with logos are favorite pieces for celebs this season



The last days of summer are the best occasion to show off your abs, as Miley has done in a fabulous printed Dior bikini. This style, as well as many other pieces with the iconic logo from the fashion house, is the object of desire for trendsetters. True to her style, Miley wears it with multiple diamond and gold necklaces, chains and chokers.

Los collares son otra formar se usar la logomaníaVIEW GALLERY

Logomania is not only printed fabrics but also jewelry


Trendy accessories

Jewels are the simplest — and most effective — way to follow these fashion trends and it’s something that the artist knows how to do perfectly with her most glamorous retro looks. The key when choosing the pieces is allowing one necklace, bracelet or brooch to stand out, while pairing them with two or three smaller pieces of varying lengths that will act as complements.

Los accesorios con logos se mantienen en tendencia esta temporadaVIEW GALLERY

It is valid to combine different pieces


From head to waist

After confirming through social media that she and Liam Hemsworth are separated, after only eight months of marriage, the Nothing Breaks Like a Heart singer repeats a chunky necklace, leather hat and belt combo with the Chanel, Gucci and Dior monograms respectively. With one look, we can see that minimalism is excluded this season.

Miley Cyrus lleva logos hasta en su cabellera VIEW GALLERY

Logos stand out even in the smallest pieces


Duplicate effect

If you are considering joining the logo fever without going too far into this trendsetting style — discard the sweaters, sports jackets and even T-shirts, and focus on signature pieces that frame your face. A great example of this can be hair clips or pins that add a point of design and hold your ponytails in place.

Miley ha optado por llevar logos hasta en sus sandalias de tacónVIEW GALLERY

Personalized monograms are another strategy to join the trend


Fashion initials

Brands are making their logos their most visible assets this fall-winter season, but many it-girls prefer to add an individual touch to this mainstream trend. Miley, for example, has transformed her stiletto heels into personalized monogramed heels with her initials "M" and "C."

Los mini bolsos vienen con nombres y monogramas estampados VIEW GALLERY

Purses and accessories include these fashion prints



This style has become more refined than it was in the 90s, and logos can be repeated found in the style of mosaics or stamped across the width of stylish purses. They can also be seen on purse straps aiming to capture attention. Follower of the most extravagant and colorful fashion trends, Miley Cyrus shows that logos are not only fun ,but also versatile and add an unexpected accentual touch that can liven a neutral toned look. 

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