J Balvin shares an emotional message for ex-girlfriend María Osorio

The Colombian star and the journalist dated for a decade – and she clearly still has a place in his corazón

J Balvin is all corazón, with a heart big enough to accommodate all the people who have supported him throughout the years. And here´s the proof! The reggaeton star shared a beautiful message dedicated to his former girlfriend of a decade, journalist Maria Osorio, a sweet gesture to the girl he met as a teenager and once even thought he would marry. 

The Brillo singer demonstrated how much María still means to him by sending her a sweet note written alongside a throwback image of the couple from the days of their romance. In the pic, J Balvin has his arm around Maria, who is cuddled up to the future star. “Happy birthday! To the one who was my girlfriend for ten years, you saw in me what very few people could see, you put up with things that very few could put up with, and today I can now call you my best friend," he wrote.

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María Osorio and J Balvin started dating when they were just 17, and last week he shared this cute throwback of himself with his ex

And the affection is clearly reciprocated. María responded to the gesture: “You are my soulmate, and this term does not always refer to romantic love. Soulmates need each other, enjoy together, they feel alive when the other is around, and that´s what you mean to me,” María wrote to her BFF. “Thank you so much for your true love since the first moment you met me, thank you for inspiring me, supporting me, for going through good and bad times with me. I will never be able to pay you back for your company because it is UNIQUE, my rainbow kitten, I hope we never get off it. I love you too much.”

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María and J Balvin are best friends and "soulmates"

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María and José (J Balvin´s real name) were very close to getting married, but as she explained during an interview for TvyNovelas Colombia, things changed and they decided to end the relationship: “There was a ring, yes, and we were planning our life together, however, I reached a point when I could not see myself under those circumstances anymore.”

Awww... the former couple might not be together anymore but it is inspiring to see that the love they feel for each other, although transformed, remains.

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