Edith Gonzalez's daughter Constanza celebrates her 'Quinceañera' party remembering her

Edith Gonzalez's brother Victor Manuel revealed how the actress was present in their hearts during Constanza's 15th birthday celebrations

Edith Gonzalez’s daughter celebrated her 15th birthday over the weekend. Even though this is an important milestone for many girls, for Constanza, the death of her mom changed everything. The actress revealed on many occasions that she wanted a huge party with hundreds of guests for her daughter's Quinceañera party, but the young girl preferred an intimate celebration at Edith’s favorite restaurant. Edith's brother Victor Manuel Gonzalez gave some details on the celebration during an interview with Mexican newspaper Reforma

Edith Gonzalezs daughter celebrated her 15th birthdayVIEW GALLERY

Constanza, Edith Gonzalez’s daughter, celebrated her 15th birthday this weekend

Victor Manuel told the newspaper that just Constanza’s closest family attended the intimate gathering“It was entirely a family lunch. Only Santiago Creel and his family, my daughter Frida and her boyfriend, my mom, Lorenzo, and me attended,” Victor explained about the celebration on Sunday at La Lanterna, Edith’s favorite restaurant.

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In such a special venue, where they surely shared beautiful moments with the actress, Edith Gonzalez was present in the minds and hearts of the guests. “There were no more than ten guests… Edith liked it very much because food is exquisite,” Victor added during his chat to Reforma

The actress’ brother recalled how Edith did not want her daughter’s 15th birthday to go unnoticed. But unfortunately, she did not have time to organise Constanza's big day as she would have liked. The telenovela diva died on June 13 after a long battle against cancer. 

Edith Gonzalezs daughter celebrated her 15th birthdayVIEW GALLERY

Constanza chose her late mother’s favorite restaurant to celebrate her birthday

Constanza felt a little sad when she saw her family together. She was surrounded by the people who love her most, but she could not help missing her mom by her side. However, all of them made an extra effort to bring a smile to her face. “First she was serious because mommy was missing, but then everyone arrived with a present, the cake, we started telling jokes...” Victor said.

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In a subtle way, they all made their own tribute to the actress on such a special day for Constanza. “Edith was there, but it was not explicit. We mentioned her when we talked about her legacy. Strength and love are the greatest things she has received from her mom,” Victor explained. 

He also added that maybe in a few months, if Constanza approves, they can have a bigger celebration. “Everything was lovely. Maybe later there will be some other celebration. This was a reunion that took place in [Edith’s] favorite restaurant, with Constanza’s favorite food, which is Italian.”

Edith Gonzalezs daughter celebrated her 15th birthdayVIEW GALLERY

Edith Gonzalez wanted a great party for Constanza´s 15th birthday, unfortunately, it did not happen

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