Tommy Mottola gets fit, and Thalia is excited about his biceps!

The music producer works with a trainer for an enviable body. You must see Thalia's reaction!

Thalia is a celebrity known for having always following a healthy lifestyle; yoga, Pilates and other exercises are just a few of the routines that she integrates into her daily life. Good habits and healthy food are practices that have become her second nature  and her beloved ones have embraced these trends. Now her husband, music producer Tommy Mottola, has decided to follow Thalia’s lead and has also turned to a physical trainer for advice.

In order to get biceps of steel, Tommy has chosen one of the best to help: Jorge Valverde, celebrity trainer, and Thalia is thrilled with the idea of seeing her husband building those muscles! Through her social media, the Habitame Siempre singer shared a series of videos in which she appears next to Tommy and Jorge, who are getting ready for a tough training session.

Thalía y su esposo Tommy MottolaVIEW GALLERY  

Tommy, who recently turned 70, seems to be in great physical condition

In the clips the trainer promises Thalia that Tommy’s biceps will transform and grow. Excited for the attributes that she will soon see in her husband, the songstress shares her joy with her fans and yells: “What will grow? What will grow?”

Thalia’s fans went creative and shared funny videos with gifs and emojis in which the artist looks happy next to Tommy, who turned 70 last July 14th.

Thalía y su esposo VIEW GALLERY

The couple celebrated 18 years of marriage last December and they are as happy as their first day together

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Following Thalia’s footsteps

It seems like Thalia and Tommy first contacted Jorge Valverde a couple of months ago. Back then, the songstress called him to undergo muscle definition training. The results have been so impressive and they both worked so well together that Tommy Mottola tried to change his habits and train to look and feel good.



Thalia has joined a challenge to improve her muscular condition and has gotten excellent results

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