Alejandra Espinoza Premios Juventud

Premios Juventud host Alejandra Espinoza talks hosting with Lali Esposito and CNCO

The Mexican-American TV host also told us her strict beauty routine

Premios Juventud is finally here! For one night, the greatest Latin artists converge in one venue to celebrate and perform this year's most popular hit songs. And one person who's getting a front row seat to all the action is this year's host Alejandra Espinoza. The Mexican-American model and TV presenter is a pro when it comes to hosting gigs, and for the 2019 Premios Juventud awards, she's making sure everything is ready for the big night, including her #flawless skin. "I always try to prepare my skin about a week earlier," she tells HOLA! USA. "These are days of a lot of work, a lot of makeup and very long hours, so the skin tends to get a bit sensitive. I try to hydrate it and take good care a week or two before so that it’s glowing when it comes time to put makeup on."

As for the actual show, this year, Alejandra is getting some help from her co-hosts Lali Esposito and boy band CNCO. "I had the opportunity to meet them before," she shared. "I’ve known CNCO since they broke out in the industry and I’ve also had the opportunity to work with Lali. Her and I have great chemistry. We rehearse, rehearse and rehearse until things are fun and the most natural as they can be."

There's one person many will want to see, but unfortunately for us, he has a bedtime. Alejandra adorable 4-year-old son Matteo. "He’s always my plus one! He’s going to come, but he’s only going to the rehearsals and get to see the whole show in the morning," she says. "But in the afternnon, he’ll go back home because he’ll be tired."

Alejandra Espinoza Premios Juventud©@alejandraespinoza
Alejandra Espinoza sopke to HOLA! USA about hosting this year's Premios Juventud

The best part of Alejandra hosting? The multiple outfits she's slated to wear. "Usually for events like this, I change for every segment, but for this year, I’m only going to change three times. I coordinated with Lali, who’s also going to have three outfit changes. It's going to be very cool."

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