Alejandra Espinoza Aveeno brand ambassador

Aveeno wants every woman to look and feel good in her skin. In order to get this message across, the "get skin happy" brand enlisted someone who radiates beauty from within, someone who has that natural ~glow~. Meet Alejandra Espinoza, the Mexican model and TV host that knows the power of a good sunscreen and an extra long shower. Grab your wallets (and pens!) because Alejandra just revealed her go-to beauty products and some tips every woman should live by. Hint hint: it involves Aveeno!

Alejandra Espinoza is Aveeno's newest brand ambassador Photo: Sebastian de Marco Photography

Sure getting your tan on is great and all when it comes to summer time, but rather than self-tanner, Alejandra is opting for sun block.  "From January to December, sunblock should always be part of your beauty routine," she told HOLA! USA. "It doesn't matter if it takes you 40 minutes to get ready, I've always believed that a beauty routine is pointless if you don't put sunblock." 

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As far as which specific products the Mexican beauty uses, her go-to is an Aveeno favorite. " The positively radiant is amazing!, she said. "It gives you hydration and protection, so you're killing two birds with one stone. For women who are always on the go, these types of products that give you two in one, help a lot." 

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And if you still need any convincing that sunblock should be a part of your beauty regiment, just take a look at her straight up flawless skin:

"From January to December, sunblock should always be part of your beauty routine," the Mexican model and TV presenter told HOLA! USA Photo: Instagram/alejandraespinoza

"I think all the products in the positively radiant line are spectacular," she shared. "They leave you with a natural glow...every woman wants beautiful skin and we'd love to leave the house without makeup on and Aveeno allows you to do that. They give everyone the opportunity to be beautiful with and without makeup."

Besides makeup, serums and creams, Alejandra revealed the secret to her glow is happiness. "I try to be happy," she revealed. "That’s one thing I try to apply at all times: happiness. I try to see the positive in everything that I do. The good, the bad, and everything that happens in my life, I think a positive mind leads to positivity. That’s the mantra to my life."  

Be right back, going to restock with Aveeno creams!

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