Ryan Reynolds bottle cap challenge winner

Bottle cap challenge round up: celeb takes you need to see

Celebs are flocking to social media to try this twisty cool viral challenge

The [Hollywood] stars have all aligned for the latest social media trend taking over the world: the bottle cap challenge. Celebrities across the globe have all been joining in on the fun. The challenge was kicked off by Taekwondo fighter and instructor Farabi Davletchin, who wanted to show off his cool techniques in an interesting way. Farabi challenged Fast & Furious presents: Hobbs & Shaw action star Jason Statham, along with a few others. 


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Soon after the challenge trickled down to Gravity singer John Mayer, who followed it up with his video of the challenge. Singer Shawn Mendes commented on John’s social media post by saying, “I actually can’t believe this wow.” After that, social media exploded with videos from everyone doing it: Hailey Baldwin, Ryan Reynolds and his Aviation Gin company, Chinese actor Zhao (Vincent) Wenzhuo, DJ Diplo, as well as the now internet famous “chancla lady.” Since the start of the challenge, the creator Farabi has created a new challenge — the pencil challenge where he does the same trick but kicks the point on a #2 pencil off with a feather-like touch.

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