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Flyin’ solo: These musical stars started in groups and successfully broke away

From Menudo to Destiny's Child, these solo acts stood out among the rest

Breaking into the music industry is a feat in and of itself, but some stars have not only made it once, but twice!

Celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Camila Cabello and Ricky Martin rose through the ranks of stardom with their pop groups, and as time went on, they took a huge gamble and split from their bands to make a name for themselves in one of the most challenging industries in the world! And they did so successfully!

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Check out the celebs who started in groups and broke away to lead solo careers:

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Girl's Tyme (aka Destiny's Child), 5th Harmony, 'NSYNC and Menudo, may not be all that well known by today's Generation Z'ers, but these are the bands that gave some of the biggest pop stars their start back in the day! 

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