Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello is dominating the music world, but the success she is enjoying today comes after years of hard work and sacrifice. 

When Camila was just 14 years old, she insisted on having her mother take her to X-Factor auditions, instead of hosting a quinceañera birthday party.

Happily, Camila’s wish came true, and not only did her mom take her to the auditions, she also won Simon Cowell’s heart and became a part of X-Factor’s girl band 5th Harmony. 


After several years in the female band, Camila broke away in order to continue as a solo singer and although it brought some drama among the girls, Camila trusted her heart and aren’t we  glad she did?! 

Since Camila began her solo career, the young 22 year old singer has blessed us with hit songs like Havanna and Never be the Same

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