They say the devil's in the details, and this was evidenced most recently in a noble gesture by musical power couple Gloria Estefan and Emilio Estefan who extended a scholarship valued at approximatey $200,000 to a young Spanish musician. The scholarship ceremony took place in Miami, FL and will help its recipient, Sergio De Miguel Jorquera, continue his studies in the prestious Berklee School of Music.

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This scholarship will allow the young pianist to complete four years of music studies at the school based in Boston, Massachusetts, which he will start September 2019. De Miguel was chosen by the the Scholarship Committee of the Latina Grammy Cultural Foundation.

Gloria y Emilio EstefanVIEW GALLERY Gloria and Emilio Estefan helped make a young man's dream come true by awarding him a $200,000 scholarship

In a video shared on her social media channels, Gloria Estefan and Emilio Estefan, who are practically inseparable, greeted the happy - but nervous - winner with open arms and and a warm welcome. “Congratulations! How amazing! We are very happy for you. We have already met, more or less. Enjoy every moment - I lost a lot of time because I was very shy and [had a hard time] trying to survive and getting to the other side. Enjoy every moment because everything goes by so quickly."

Gloria y Emilio EstefanVIEW GALLERY With over 40 yars of professional and musical experience, Emilio and Gloria Estefan are powerhouses in the industry

The lucky teen thanked the couple, who are co-creators of the Broadway musical On Your Feet. "Someday I hope to be able to give back in the same way you have helped me and make someone else's dream come true," he said, filled with emotion.  

Gloria y Emilio EstefanVIEW GALLERY Their youngest daughter, Emily, inherited her love of music from her parents

The 61-year-old singer has shown on multiple occasions her great social commitment to people who pursue their dreams relentlessly in different areas life.




'On your feet' around the world

The Estefans are considered one of the most beloved and recognized Latin icons in the music industry with over 40 years of experience. Their inspiring life story has served as an example for many new generations of musicians who want to succeed in the difficult and always-evolving artistic environment.

On Your Feet is the musical biography of Gloria y Emilio that premiered on Broadway in 2015 to great critical acclaim and reception from audiences - it has even made the jump across the ocean!  "We love you London and we will see you soon," Gloria wrote on her social channels.

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