A few days ago, social media exploded with admiration over watching a video that featured Jennifer Lopez enjoying a very special moment with her fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, and the father of her children, Marc Anthony. The family encounter took place during the twin's (Max and Emme) school event, which was captured by the former Yankee. The clip showed a harmonious moment that was applauded by his countless fans on social media.

 JLo opened up about her great relationship with ex-husband Marc Anthony Photo:@enriquesantos

Following the exemplary act, one of the most standout questions by his followers was the following one: how do the three of you get along so well? The answer was given by JLo herself during an interview conducted by the popular radio show host and Creative Director of IHeartLatino, Enrique Santos.

Santos was a guest at the Bronx diva’s home, days before she celebrates her 50th birthday. JLo will celebrate her b-day onstage during her It's My Party Tour where she will travel for three months throughout the country. During their pleasant chat, they touched on topics related to her children and dreams that are yet to be accomplished, among other things. However, the most critical moment of the conversation was when Jennifer explained the wonderful relationship she has with Marc Anthony and how well her ex-husband and her fiancé get along.

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That hate comes from the pain and we have to acknowledge that. You have to forgive and try for yourself to let go of that pain and realize that it’s not about that, that adult problems don’t have anything to do with the kids,” explains the singer in reference to other couples that once separated, get along terribly.

The Bronx diva chatted with radio show host, Enrique Santos Photo: @enriquesantos

“And for us it’s like we love those kids so much. We want them to be healthy, full of love, that they can have their own lives, and can accomplish anything. We know that begins with us,” she added.

The actress also revealed her secret to remaining in such great physical condition. "I feel like I’m 25 again - it’s so funny and I know a lot of people feel the same way when they turn 50, but I don’t know I feel young and with enough energy to accomplish whatever I want and I still have a long life ahead of me,” she stated.

JLo, A-rod and their kids are one big happy family Photo:@arod

During the extensive interview, which lasted about 50 minutes, the El Anillo singer also spoke about the type of discipline that she exerts when educating her children and the constant encouragement she inculcates in them to face life. “You know it’s funny because they [Max and Emme] are not as disciplined as I am. I’m a mom that gives them boundaries, I do set limits for them. At the same time, I’m not an overbearing mom, you know what I mean? I’m not, like, on them all the time.”

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There’s no doubt the mom-of-two is going through one of the best moments of her life, both personally and professionally. With wedding plans to A-Rod on the planner, JLo has been married three times and has gone through several disappointments.

That’s why she has advice for those who have a broken heart: “To love yourself. You really want to remember that you are the prize, always. If you can remember that part after a heartbreak and be like, “OK, this didn’t work out, but I have self-worth and I do have something to offer.” She added,” Cause they maybe see it, but may not be capable to give you what you really deserve and need, so it’s a lot of things you learn, a lot of things by the time you get to be my age. It gets easier, it gets better and better every time."

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