Guillermo del Toro is undoubtedly a true genie when it comes to making wishes come true! And we are not just talking about his knack for making the unexpected come to life, like the starring character in his Oscar winning movie The Shape of Water or his oftentimes terrifying creations (Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy, anyone?). No, we are referring to the famed director's noble gesture toward twelve young Mexican schoolchildren who were about to see their dreams dashed due to lack of financial resources. The Oscar winner changed their lives with just one small action.

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A few days ago, it became known that 12 children comprising a Mexican mathematics team would be unable to compete at IMC (International Competition of Mathematics) in South Africa, due to their inability to cover the costs that would be incurred before and during the international trip. The news quickly went viral and reached the ears of Guillermo del Toro, who through a social media announcement that won the heart of many, wrote: “Let's see, I will cover the plane tickets for all 12 members of the Mathematics Olympiad team in South Africa. @CDMXOMM I follow them - send me a DM please. Hugs," wrote the director.


The kind and generous gesture was lauded by many but it was particularly touching for the little math geniuses who will now be able to compete and represent their country in the best way possible. The children thanked the director of Crimson Peak through their own social media channel. "Excited, but above all motivated to give Mexico [the international recognition] that it deserves, we thank the community and other donors for their support of the Olympic team heading to South Africa...," they wrote, noting that del Toro also will cover the flight tickets of another team that will attend a competition in the United Kingdom.

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Always lending a helping hand to the talented

It is not the first time Guillermo del Toro demonstrates how much he cares about the youth, especially those who due to lack of financial resources do not have the same opportunities as others. In 2018, when del Toro awarded scholarships to three Mexican students so that they may pursue a Master of Arts at Gobelins, a school focused on visual arts and located in Paris, France, one of the three beneficiaries was still unable to pay for the costly trip, for which he requested help from his local government.


And just like in the case of the twelve young math students, the news reached del Toro who took to his social media channel to write: "In regards to the scholarships: The scholarships exist to help the talented. Naturally they are given as an incentive for those who DO NOT HAVE, but SHOULD have. Economic deprivation does not diminish those who suffer it. The ticket will be covered," thus returning hope to the young man who previously saw his dream slipping away.

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