Jlo, ARod, Pedro turning fifty

Celebrate good times, come on!  Certain celebs are celebrating 50 orbits around the Sun this year, and we are eager to find out how they will celebrate the epic milestone! We are keeping our ears peeled to find out what parties they'll be throwing, who will be attending, what fashionable outfit they will rock and of course, what fabulous destination these parties will take place in.

While turning 50 can be a big life event, some celebs seem to be very much the picture of Dorian Gray - you really cannot tell they are anywhere near that age. We’ve put together a list of those LatinX celebs whose baby faces we still coo at, those who seem to be stuck at 30, and those who well… 50 seems like just the right number. 

Check out which celebs’ birthday you should be on the lookout for this year:

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Of course, turning half a century may be a bit of a shock, but we’ve already learned that some of these celebs are ready to own it. JLo, for example, has shown -as usual- that she’s ready to continue dominating when she announced her “It’s my Party” Tour. 

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Lucero also owned the age when in November of 2018 she stated she felt proud of everything she has achieved, and that she's ready to welcome the new number. The singer even stated that she thought it was ridiculous that some stars try to hide their age: “A 50 year old will never look 20 and a 70 year old will never look 50. It can’t be, because even though you iron your wrinkles, or you put whatever, it will always look like you are 60 and are trying to look 30, and that seems a bit ridiculous.”

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