Lupita Nyong'o dancing on step and repeat

Celebrities from our Latina Powerhouse fave Eva Longoria to Michelle Obama marked Women’s History Month throughout March but thanks to some inspirational ladies' awesome moves in the #WomenDancingTogether challenge on Instagram, we're celebrating well into April! But who started the fun drive? None other than Oscar-winning costume designer Ruth Carter. On March 20, the Black Panther wardrobe creator posted a video of herself dancing to Beyonce’s Run the World and invited women she knows – including some very famous ones, like Halle Berry, Gabrielle Union and Lupita Nyong’o – to unite with the #WomenDancingTogether challenge, which consists of uploading a video of yourself dancing or lip syncing to your favorite women’s empowerment song. 

See highlights in the video below:

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Luckily for women, and viewers worldwide, the challenge caught on and since then even more celebs have participated with amazing videos of themselves, some showing off their fun dance moves and others going all out with big productions! Don’t miss out on our video compilation of the uploads, it will for sure cheer up your day!

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