Iggy Azalea talks wedding plans and headlines surrounding fiancé Nick Young

Nick Young is still playing on Iggy Azalea’s team. The Fancy singer opened up to Extra in a candid, new interview about her impending nuptials to the basketball player, despite his alleged cheating confession.

The 25-year-old noted that “sometimes it can be tough” seeing the headlines that currently surround her fiancé, however she added, “When you have solid at home life and everything else is in order, then I feel like the headlines don't seem to affect me as much.”


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And clearly they aren't bothering her too much. During the interview, Iggy dished on her bridal party, which includes pal Demi Lovato. “I've made [Demi] my bridesmaid, so that way, I know she's available to sing,” she told Elvis Duran. “I haven't asked her, but I think I'm just gonna, push her up onstage, slip in a microphone, and cross my fingers.”


With Demi by her side, Iggy will be wearing a custom dress when she ties the knot to the Los Angeles Lakers player. “Giorgio Armani is gonna make my dress,” she revealed. “I asked and I didn't know if he would because he really hasn't made a lot of celebrity wedding gowns.”

The singer added, “I'm just a fan of classic tailoring and I wanted my wedding dress to be timeless so I don't look ridiculous in 25 years when I'm showing my kids, like, 'Here's what mommy wore.’"

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Looking ahead, Iggy admitted that she would like to have children down the road. “I think I have a little window into what it might be like to have my own child, but I have so much to do,” she said. “It's way in the future.”

When the time does come, the Black Widow artist will have already had experience with her fiancé’s young son, Nick Jr., whom he shares with ex-girlfriend Keonna Green.

“Well, you know my fiancé has a son and he's four years old, so he's at our house all the time,” she noted. “And I have a bond with him. … He really likes cooking, so when he comes over we, like, cook mini pizzas or make, like, Rice Krispy treats, we do stuff like that together.”

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