Julia Roberts and Richard Gere recreate iconic 'Pretty Woman' scenes

Who can forget the jewelry box scene in Pretty Woman? Well, neither can the cast. In part II of their aired reunion on the TODAY show, Julia Roberts and Richard Gere delighted fans by recreating their famous scenes in the segment that aired Wednesday.

When Matt Lauer asked the on-screen couple about that famous jewelry box scene, they said it was actually a prank set up by director Gary Marshall that made it's way into the film. "I do gag reel stuff," Gary said. "So he snapped it, but she laughed so well that people said to leave it in the movie."

The cast of Pretty Woman reunited after 25 years Photo: Getty Images

Clearly loving the on-set pranks, Gary told the story of when Julia went underwater in the bathtub scene and he had the entire cast and crew leave the set. "Where did you go," Julia says in an unseen outtake. "Everybody left!"

Then there was the makeover scene where Richard's character first laid eyes on Julia, who had been transformed into a leading lady. Matt attempted to have the duo recite their lines and while the iconic redhead was able to remember hers, her hunky co-star said he forgot.

After being fed his line, Julia says, "You're late," recreating the memorable scene. "You're stunning," Richard responds. "You're forgiven," Julia adds with a laugh.

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts recalled some of their favorite scenes Photo: Getty Images

Also joining the bunch for the 25-year reunion was Laura San Giacomo who recalled how her supporting roll as Julia's best friend Kit garnered a lot of attention. "When women come and talk to me about loving this movie they talk about that friendship," she told Matt Lauer.

While there's no plans for a Pretty Woman II, fans will be delighted that Gary is hoping to bring Pretty Woman to Broadway.

Watch the entire interview below:

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