Charlotte Casiraghi opens up about motherhood in new interview©Ellen Von Unwerth/Town & Country

Charlotte Casiraghi opens up about motherhood and relationship with mom Princess Caroline

Grace Kelly’s eldest granddaughter is a mother to sons Raphaël and Balthazar

Charlotte Casiraghi opened up about the biggest challenges of motherhood in a new interview for Town & Country.’s December 2022/January 2023 issue. “It’s very hard to sum up,” she shared. “I think every day has hard and amazing moments.”

Charlotte Casiraghi has two sons©ERIC GAILLARD/POOL/AFP via Getty Images
Charlotte Casiraghi has two sons

The 36 year old is a mother to sons Raphaël, eight, and Balthazar, four. Charlotte shares her youngest child with her husband Dimitri Rassam and eldest with her ex Gad Elmaleh.

“Every day you go through moments when you worry for your children or when they exhaust you, and then you go through moments when you share so much with them and you don’t even question the fact that they’re the most important thing in your life,” she told Town & Country.

Charlotte also discussed how becoming a mother has given her a new perspective on her relationship with her own mom, Princess Caroline. “Yes, I feel you can be closer,” Charlotte said. “Of course, you have more empathy and you understand more things, because it is a transmission of the maternal link…”

Prince Albert’s niece noted that “the ­mother-­daughter relationship is very complex.” She said, “When you become a mother there is the fact that your mother accepts that she’s not the only one who’s a mother. And that’s very liberating. A lot of women feel that they have that power as well, to give life, and it’s not something that they just owe to their mother. So of course you reflect differently… Because the ­mother-­daughter relationship is very complex.”

Charlotte admitted that she tries to not speak about her “very private relationship” with her mom. “I don’t necessarily want to reveal everything that’s going on between us, but it’s always ambivalent,” she said. “I feel that even when you have your own kids, you’re still struggling to have your own space.”

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