Monaco’s Beatrice Borromeo opens up about her kids in rare interview

Princess Caroline’s daughter-in-law Beatrice Borromeo opens up about life at home in rare interview

Pierre Casiraghi’s wife also spoke about her family’s lockdown experience

Beatrice Borromeo andPierre Casiraghihave largely kept their sons Stefano and Francesco out of the spotlight. Over the years, royal watchers have only seen the couple’s young children a handful of times, including at Monaco’s National Day celebrations in 2018 and 2019. Now in a new interview with Italian women’s magazine iO Donna, Princess Caroline’s daughter-in-law has given rare insight into her life at home with her children. “If I don’t have any commitment as a Red Cross volunteer, I spend the morning with my children,” she shared. At home, the mom of two gets up when she hears Stefano, three, and Francesco, two, waking up in the next room. “We play a little on the bed, then breakfast: fruit, biscuits, cereals, bread, butter and honey; a cappuccino for me, milk with foam for them,” she said.

Pierre Casiraghi's wife Beatrice Borromeo gave a rare interview about her life at home©Getty Images
Pierre Casiraghi’s wife Beatrice Borromeo gave a rare interview about her life at home

Immediately following breakfast, Beatrice and her boys enjoy strolls together. “A walk: to the park or to the beach, when we are in Monaco; in the woods, when we are in the countryside,” she said. The family also has a farm in the South of France, where they spent the recent lockdown “taking care of the animals, among other things.” Beatrice added, “Now I can put on the resume that I can cut goats’ nails!”

The Italian-born royal admittedly likes “being in the kitchen” and loves preparing “all kinds of pasta and cutlets.” Though she confessed, “Sometimes I rely on the companion of the nanny, who is a very good cook.” When her children go down for a nap, that’s when Beatrice gets to work. The 34-year-old royal has a production company called Astrea, named after the Greek goddess of justice. “I am working on a series of documentaries on climate refugees and one on women & the environment, themes that are close to my heart,” she revealed. “I haven’t given myself a deadline, I want to make something to be proud of: haste has always been my problem a bit.”

The Italian-born royal (pictured with son Francesco) shares two children with Princess Caroline’s son©Getty Images
The Italian-born royal (pictured with son Francesco) shares two children with Princess Caroline’s son

Beatrice’s sons helped inspire one of her most recent projects, her book Capitan Papaia e Greta. While Stefano and Francesco “are serene children,” Beatrice revealed that they were “confused” when their father Pierre sailed across the Atlantic with climate activist Greta Thunberg last year. “He had never been away from home for more than a couple of days,” she said. To “console” her kids while their dad was away, the doting mom “came up with the idea of inventing a series of nursery rhymes on Pierre’s journey.” Beatrice turned to a friend to create illustrations, thus giving birth to her book Capitan Papaia e Greta, which she reads to her boys before bedtime. After Stefano and Francesco are in bed, she and Pierre, who wed in 2015, relax watching TV or reading books. However, Beatrice noted the lights go out at 11 p.m. “maximum!”