Princess Caroline‘s daughter reveals she steals mom’s clothes in first interview

Princess Caroline’s daughter Princess Alexandra reveals she steals mom’s clothes in first-ever interview

Grace Kelly’s granddaughter is a student at NYU

At 20 years old, Princess Alexandra of Hanover has given her first interview. Grace Kelly’s granddaughter spoke to Telva magazine about her stylish royal family members and studying at New York University. While Alexandra dresses down at school typically wearing jeans, a sweatshirt, trainers or loafers, she has made it a habit of borrowing items from her mother Princess Caroline’s closet…and not always with permission! “I take a lot of things from my mother’s closet. I don’t know if she’s as happy as I am with that,” the Princess laughed, noting depending “on the case” she’ll ask. “Lately I’ve gotten into the habit, so he’s getting used to it.” She added, “Now that we have all become aware that we must change our way of buying by investing less and better, I suppose that taking things from my mother’s closet is more sustainable.”

Princess Alexandra revealed that she takes her mother's clothes©Getty Images
Princess Alexandra revealed that she takes her mother‘s clothes

Alexandra comes from a long line of glamorous women, including her mother and maternal grandmother, Princess Grace. The college student is also surrounded by fashionable relatives, who are often front row fixtures at fashion week, including sister Charlotte Casiraghi and sisters-in-law Alessandra de Osma, Hereditary Princess Ekaterina, Tatiana Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo. “My sisters-in-law, my sisters or my mother, they all have an incredible style and they enjoy grooming, so I never lack inspiration,” she shared.

In the future, Alexandra can see herself pursuing a career in “something related to art or fashion.” She said, “I think it would be a great personal shopper. I would buy for others, so I would enjoy that pleasure but in the background, without feeling guilty. I would keep the best part.”

The Princess turns to her sister and sisters-in-law for fashion inspiration©Getty Images
The Princess turns to her sister and sisters-in-law for fashion inspiration

For now, the Princess is studying political science and philosophy at NYU, where her studies take priority. “It was always clear to me that I wanted to go to college. So I did it,” she shared. “But more with the desire to nurture myself intellectually than with a job vision.”

Caroline’s youngest, whom she shares with estranged husband Prince Ernst August of Hanover, also got candid about being “very sensitive.” “Although I live it as something positive, sometimes I get frustrated when I meet people who are not,” Alexandra confessed. “You start interacting with someone and you realize they don’t have that ability and you think: But why? If it is obvious! When you are an introvert you observe before acting, as if you want to be aware of the environment.” The Princess, who is a longtime fan of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, admires the famous twins’ aura of mystery. She said, “They take their privacy very well, they keep the mystery.”