Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and their son Archie

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry finally reveal why they named their son Archie

Announcing the name of their new foundation, Archewell, the Sussexes explain the origins of name

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have just announced their new, exciting venture: their new foundation Archewell. It carries the same name as son Archie Harrison, they have also revealed to British newspaper The Telegraph why they chose his name in the first place, giving a fascinating insight into their thought processes.

Prince Harry and son Archie Harrison©@sussexroyal
Meghan and Harry revealed that their son’s name was inspired by the Greek word for ‘source of action’

“Before SussexRoyal, came the idea of ‘Arche’ – the Greek word meaning ’source of action.’ We connected to this concept for the charitable organisation we hoped to build one day, and it became the inspiration for our son’s name. To do something of meaning, to do something that matters. Archewell is a name that combines an ancient word for strength and action, and another that evokes the deep resources we each must draw upon. We look forward to launching Archewell when the time is right,” the couple said in their communication.

In March Harry and Meghan filed paperwork in the US to trademark Archewell. The trademark requests are wide-ranging, but it is believed this is to protect any future ideas and do not necessarily indicate specific plans for the new project.

The announcement has obviously come in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic so their plans have been somewhat derailed but they were excited to give followers a heads up about their new project. “Like you, our focus is on supporting efforts to tackle the global Covid-19 pandemic but faced with this information coming to light, we felt compelled to share the story of how this came to be,” the Duke and Duchess told the publication in a statement.

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