Prince Albert’s daughter says coronavirus is not a joke after dad tests positive

‘This is not a joke’: Prince Albert’s American daughter makes plea after dad’s coronavirus diagnosis

Jazmin Grimaldi asked her followers to stay at home amid the COVID-19 outbreak

One day after Prince Albert was diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, the Monegasque monarch’s daughter Jazmin Grimaldi pleaded to her followers to take the pandemic seriously. The 28-year-old singer, who resides in the states, shared a personal throwback photo of herself with her father. Alongside the picture, she simply wrote: “❤️🙏🏻💪🏼 #stayathome #socialdistancing #washyourhands #thisisnotajoke #coronavirusdoesnotdiscriminate #wewillgetthroughthis #tbt.”

Jazmin also took to her story to encourage her fans to stay at home and social distance. She wrote, “We must all LISTEN now more than ever and do the right thing, not the selfish thing. #STAYHOME and self distance everyone! We have the power to turn this around. The COVID-19 Coronavirus is serious and does not discriminate. Self quarantine and stop the spread before you or someone you love becomes affected!”

Grace Kelly’s granddaughter added, “Wake up before it’s too late! We are in this together and we will get through this together if we take the right and necessary precautions.”

Jazmin Grimaldi encouraged her followers to stay at home during the pandemic©Jazmin Grimaldi
Jazmin Grimaldi encouraged her followers to stay at home during the pandemic

The Prince’s Palace announced on March 19 that Princess Charlene’s husband tested positive for the coronavirus. In a statement, the palace said that Albert’s “state of health is not a source of concern.” The 62-year-old Prince is being “closely” looked after by his attending physician and specialists from the Princess Grace Hospital. Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella’s father will continue to work and is in contact with his cabinet and the government. Albert also urged the people of Monaco to limit their contact with others and to “respect containment measures.”