While it may seem like every day in the life of a royal is exceptional, we're quite sure yesterday was out of the park wild for Prince Harry took Meghan Markle. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made a joint appearance - a rarity in itself these post-birth days - on Saturday, June 29 at the first ever season MLB game played in London, featuring longtime rivals the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. While these happenstances seem to be standalone marvels, things took an even more peculiar turn when Meghan was greeted by a distant relative from one of the teams!


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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry hung out in the Red Sox locker room

The special instance occurred as the dazzling duo ventured through the team's respective locker rooms at the redone London Stadium to greet them ahead of the game. They started with the Red Sox, who sweetly gifted them a mini jersey and baseball bat for their newborn baby Archie Harrison. However, the big surprise came when team MVP Mookie Betts revealed to Meghan that the two are related.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry with Mookie Betts and his Red Sox teammates

The outfielder nervously began to tell the 37-year-old former actress about his family, saying, "my great, great, great...." before she jokingly, added, "great, great, great..." At that point, as his team swarmed around them, Mookie relinquished trying to explain. "We're family somehow!" he laughed. Everyone roared with laughter when Harry smartly asked: "Does anyone else here want to claim to be family?" 

In the end, Meghan and Mookie - who decidedly may be cousins - hugged it out. According to The Boston Globe, Meghan and Mootie's ancestors are from the same part of Alabama, sharing an ancestry that dates back over 150 years. 

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Meghan laughs as the Yankees also greeted them with gifts in their locker room

The new parents were all smiles as they joked around and took photos with both teams. The Yankees tried their best to compete with their adversary, giving Meghan and her 34-year-old husband a custom NYY jersey for Archie as well. Unfortunately for them, no one on their team was related to either of the Sussexes! The Yanks fared better on the field, though, topping the Sox with a 17-13 final score.

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Of course, in our mind's Harry and Meghan were the true winners of the day, looking so in love in their matching black ensembles. There was, as always, a greater meaning to their visit: to support Harry's Invictus Games charity. The foundation marked a partnership with the London series, with one of their team's participating in London’s #Softball60, the social softball series built for the city and targeted to introduce the sport to new audiences and demonstrate that it is an inclusive sport.

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