Meghan Markle Mayhew forward

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has proved time and time again that she's incredibly relatable—she has a DIY skincare routine that literally anyone can do and her royal wardrobe is mega affordable— but it is her love for dogs and rescue animals, that proves the Duchess has a heart of gold. Meghan, who is proud dog mom to Guy and another pup she and Prince Harry adopted, is encouraging others to embrace animals in need. Archie's mom partnered with animal rescue shelter Mayhew and written a foreword for their annual review  "As a proud rescue dog owner, I know from personal experience the joy that adopting an animal into your home can bring," she penned in the sweet note. 

Meghan Markle has partnered with animal rescue shelter Mayhew and written a foreward for their annual review

The annual review takes a look back at all the stories of animals and people Mayhew helped in the last year, and for this special edition, they asked Meghan, who serves as the charity's patron, to write a foreword, where she writes of Mayew's importance in their community.  "The role that we, as people, play in rehoming and rescuing these animals is vital, but the role of organisations such as Mayhew is unparalelled," she wrote. "What initially struck me about Mayhew specifically is their community based approach not simply o