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All eyes were on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry as they finally introduced their baby boy to the world during a joint interview held at Windsor Castle. Everyone was watching, including the Duke of Sussex's step-mother Duchess Camilla. The royal is currently on an engagement with her husband, Prince Charles, in Germany, and she had the sweetest reaction to seeing her step-grandson for the first time.

Duchess Camilla reacts to seeing her step-grandson for the first time 

While greeting the public, Camilla was shown a photo of Archie Harrison peacefully sleeping in the arms of his parents. Camilla smiled at the photo and said: "Thank you for showing this to me." Besides seeing photos of her step-grandson, Camilla was also gifted a big teddy bear to pass along to the royal baby. 

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Prince Charles previously opened up about their excitement to meet the baby. “We couldn’t be more delighted at the news. We’re looking forward to meeting the baby when we return,” he said, adding that he's "collecting a rather large number of [grandchildren]." 

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Along with the teddy bear, Camilla also received a onesie with the words "It's a boy" written on it, which she plans on giving to Archie. "As soon as we return I will deliver it to them, direct from Germany. I'm sure they will be thrilled," she said.

The royal is currently in Germany with her husband Prince Charles

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh were the first royals to meet baby Archie. Camilla and Charles will surely be introduced to the newest meember of the family when they arrive in the UK. Meghan shared that she's incredibly excited to introduce her son to the rest of the family. “It will be a nice moment to introduce the baby to more family,” she said.

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