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The influence of royal style is undeniable, particularly when the royals make an everlasting impact with their fashion, as was the case with the "People's Princess," Diana, Princess of Wales. And Kate Middleton seems to understand this very clearly, as the mom-of-three honors her mother-in-law's memory with certain fashion choices. From coats and dresses to tiaras and rings, there have been several occasions in which Kate Middleton has emulated Diana's timeless style. 

Besides honoring Diana on a daily basis with her beautiful, sapphire engagement ring, which previously belonged to Diana, Kate also gives distinction to Prince Harry’s late mother with her style and jewelry selection. 

In May 2017, Kate’s Alexander McQueen’s knee-length white dress resembled an iconic white suit worn by the Princess to the Royal Ascot in 1986. After welcoming her children, the Duchess of Cambridge also looked very similar to Lady D., both of whom wore polka dotted gowns when introducing their first child and red and white dresses when introducing their second. 

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Known for recycling outfits and always looking elegant and fit, Kate has also paid tribute to Lady Diana with jewels other than her engagement ring. On December 2018 Kate surprised everyone by wearing Diana’s tiara for a diplomatic reception at Buckingham Palace.

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A few weeks later, the Duchess of Cambridge stunned with a pair of sapphire drop earrings which belonged to Diana but were gifted to Kate in 2012 by her husband, Prince William. In February of the same year, Kate resembled her style icon at the annual BAFTA awards. The angelic, one-shoulder dress was reminiscent of one worn by Lady Diana during a visit to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1991.

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