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Queen Elizabeth is hiring a gardener that will live in Buckingham Palace - and make $24K!

Do you live and breathe all things royal? Is your ultimate dream to call Buckingham Palace home? And most importantly, do you have gardening experience? Well then, we've got the job for you! Queen Elizabeth is in search of a new full-time gardener with a starting salary of $24,000 (about $89 dollars a day). Yes, it’s not very much, but before you dismiss the idea, there are some perks to the job—benefits, a pension scheme and best of all, you get to live INSIDE Buckingham Palace! Here's the tea:

Depending on the job, perks of working for the Queen includes living at Buckingham Palace 

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According to the job description, the team of royal gardeners is tasked with “making sure the Royal Gardens and surrounding areas of Buckingham Palace and St. James’s Palace are maintained to an exceptional standard.” Additionally, the live-in caretaker will also be responsible for everyday gardening basics. Think raking, seeding, mowing and edging. Sounds fascinating if you’re into the whole plants and flowers thing.

Tasks for the gardening postion include ensuring a spectacular setting for high profile events such as garden parties   

Besides having basic gardening skills, the royal family seeks someone with a passion for horticulture (farm-to-table gardening) along with “relevant experience and a good working knowledge of plants and turf care.” Surely, the winning candidate will have to maintain the Queen’s flower displays and ensure “that they continue to provide a spectacular setting for a magnificent historic building, as well for high profile events,” such as garden parties and tea dates.

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But this isn't the first time an opportunity to work (and live!) with the British royals has been presented to the public. At the end of 2018 there were several job openings including General Catering Assistant, Housekeeping Assistant (another live-in position!), Building Surveyor and more. Windsor Castle was also on a hunt for a Daily Cleaner, Furniture Conservator and various summer occupations, among others. One interesting listing even called for an "Imaging Technician" to work on the Georgian Papers Programme.

The live-in gardener will be responsible for the basics, including reseeding, raking, mowing and edging

So there you have it—living, eating and breathing at Buckingham Palace is more accessible than you’d think. Applications are being accepted this way. Best of luck!

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