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Meghan Markle goes above and beyond to change a fan's life and their interaction has us teary-eyed!

Long before her lavish induction into the royal family, Meghan Markle had accumulated a large fanbase, mainly due to her starring role on Suits. One of her diehard fans, Emily Sorrels, has opened up about how the now-Duchess of Sussex changed her life during that time period. In a heartfelt blog post, she revealed that she was a “walking mound of self-doubt and anxiety," until she "found the inspiration in Meghan Markle that taught me the meaning of confidence and gave me a new definition of value for myself." Emily’s mindset totally altered after a special encounter with Meghan in 2016.

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While attending a live taping of AOL BUILD (now BUILD Series) in New York City, Emily had the chance to meet her idol. Seated in the front row, the fan was awestruck as Meghan mentioned her. "It's also been a great way for me to connect with people," Meghan said while discussing the power of social media, "Like Emily, here." What the former actress did next truly touched her supporter, and the studio audience, to the core.

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Meghan stepped off the tiny stage to embrace Emily and give her a special letter. Emily was overwhelmed by the whole experience as was another source at the taping who told us it felt like “time stopped for a moment.” Emily wrote that Meghan "went out of her way to make me feel more special than I ever thought I could deserve." And the love didn’t stop there.

After the interview wrapped, Meghan spoke with Emily off-camera. Although Emily was nervous, the brunette beauty did her best to make her feel relaxed. "During most of our conversation her hand was on my arm in an attempt to make me feel less terrified," she recalled. "I will forever remember the day I met my idol and my inspiration, I will never forget all she has done for me. I am so grateful and happier than I have never been in my entire life."

Emily continued to say: "She has proven to me that she is, in fact, a caring and genuine human being. She is not fake for the cameras or trying to portray something different than her real self to the media. She is just lovely. Thank you thank you thank you Meghan."

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