Charly Stoever has all the right moves©Courtesy
Financial Tips

Charly Stoever has all the right moves

Presented in partnership with U.S. Bank

Charly Stoever is a nonbinary, Latinx money coach focused on helping their community make their money work harder so they can build wealth and plan for retirement. An ex-stock broker, Charly now works with their private clients one-to-one, but don’t sleep on the treasure trove of financial tips and candid advice that they share on Instagram (@travelercharly) and on their blog (

U.S. Bank has partnered with Charly to share some simple steps you can take to start making your money work harder for you. Check out Charly’s tips for how they use different accounts to safely save money and manage daily transactions. And more importantly, let U.S. Bank and Charly help you become more confident about your money so that accumulating wealth becomes fun, and you can build towards the financial freedom to live the life you want!

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Are you ready to get on your path to financial freedom? With Charly and U.S. Bank on your wealth-building team, you’re well on your way. Here are a few easy steps you can take today!

1. Don’t let your money sit around being lazy. Help your cash make you money by placing it in a high-yield savings account like the Elite Money Market Account from U.S. Bank. A flexible money market account of this type lets you earn interest on your balance. If you have rainy day funds that you can stash away for a longer period of time, ask about a Certificate of Deposit (CD) that helps you earn more interest and save faster.

Charly Stoever has all the right moves©Courtesy

2. Make managing your money easy and secure! U.S. Bank offers secure financial solutions, fab digital tools, and dedicated professionals to help you maximize your money’s potential! The U.S. Bank Smartly® Checking account lets you keep your money safe and easily manage and track your transactions with their top-rated mobile app.

3. There’s no shame in the game! Any amount you can save or invest is a step in the right direction. The key is to keep your money working for you.

Click here to learn more about keeping your money safe with U.S. Bank so you can grow your money, your way. Deposit products are offered by U.S. Bank National Association. Member FDIC.

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