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Green Vibes

The positive energy of plants

Why you should make space for something green in your home.

Human beings are designed to live surrounded by nature, but many of us now spend days or even months without enjoying the fresh air. This affects both our physical and our mental health more than we realise.

However, help is at hand. Even those living in tiny city flats can access the benefits of nature by harnessing plant power. Known for millennia, their amazing properties have been proved by modern science.


According to the ancient Chinese discipline of Feng Shui - which literally means ‘wind-water’ - plants generate harmony and well-being around us, increasing our creativity and the production of the so-called happiness hormones, such as serotonin or oxytocin.

Here are some of those recommended:

  • Cactus, to absorb toxic energies.
  • Bonsai, to help invalids.
  • Orange or grapefruit trees, to attract prosperity.
  • Pothos, to repel bad vibrations. It is often placed in the darkest corner of the house.
  • Bamboo, to bring good fortune and peace.
  • Peony, for health and luck in love. Often placed in the living room so they spread their energy to the rest of the home.
positive energy of plants©GettyImages
Pothos, to repel bad vibrations


We all know that plants absorb carbon dioxide. But a study conducted by NASA in the 1980s points to the ability of some to purify the air by absorbing substances harmful to health contained in common household items like paint. In just 24 hours they can eliminate up to 87% of the toxic air in a room.

Ferns are recommended to combat formaldehyde, a pollutant used in the manufacture of plastics and also found in other building materials such as chipboard furniture, varnishes and glues.

Daisies help to neutralize benzene from resins, cleaning products and also tobacco smoke.

Azalea is very effective against the ammonia found in some cleaning products, detergents and cosmetics.

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