The plant Butcher’s Broom is a traditional remedy for tired legs.©GettyImages
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Tired legs? Try a natural treatment

The plant Butcher’s Broom is a traditional remedy

There are so many wonderful plants in nature’s own medicine cabinet. Provided we use them only on the advice of a doctor or pharmacist, they can often help to relieve common disorders. For those who suffer with tired, swollen legs - an issue that affects many women, especially in hot weather - it’s worth finding out about the quirkily named Butcher’s Broom. A sturdy evergreen with bright red berries, it’s an eye-catching shrub with considerable benefits, and has been used in medicine since at least the days of Ancient Greece.

According to pharmacist Luz García Toro, communication director of Arkopharma laboratories, it’s a good ally to alleviate the problems associated with poor circulation, which is often to blame for ‘heavy’ legs. She explains that “poor functioning of the venous valves involved in the return of blood to the heart mainly affects the lower extremities.”

Luz points out that studies have shown Butcher’s Broom to have notable venotonic properties. That means it favors the contraction of the veins and facilitates blood circulation.

In addition, it contains a substance called rutoside, which strengthens the blood capillaries.

Traditionally used as a diuretic - something that encourages the body to excrete water - Butcher’s Broom is helpful in reducing the swelling (edema) caused by fluid build-up in the leg tissues.

The plant Butcher’s Broom is considered a traditional remedy for tired legs.©GettyImages
The plant Butcher’s Broom is considered a traditional remedy for tired legs.

Enthusing about the plant’s other benefits, the pharmacist tells us that it has anti-inflammatory properties. The shrub is also attracting attention in the beauty industry, since an extract, applied locally, reduces the size of small capillaries in the skin of the face, reducing redness.

Disclaimer: This information is for general knowledge only and should not be used in place of professional medical advice. Always consult with your doctor or a qualified healthcare provider for advice on any medical concerns.

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