Spooky Season!

Check out these U.S. Cities for the scariest Halloween road trip

Halloween is around the corner, and we've narrowed down the 10 scariest cities to visit

Halloween is right around around the corner and that's means it's time to visit the most terrifying attractions across the country. While as kids we steered away from the scary monsters, as we've entered the adult world we've used the annual celebration to face our worst nightmares.

In preparation of the spookiest time of the year, we have narrowed down the 10 scariest cities in America. Get ready to gather up your friends, hop on the car, and take a road-trip to all these spine-chilling towns! Take a look:

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While Savannah, Georgia is known for its’ ghost tours and isolated regions, some cities with popular nightlife have also surprisingly ranked on top. Las Vegas, Nevada, which has earned the title of "Sin City”, is ranked at number five. Orlando, Florida, well known for its Universal Studios Horror Nights, barely made the cut, but positioned itself as number nine on the list.

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