Casper Smart
Get swept away

Would you like to dance with Beau Casper Smart?

The 34-year-old `Mira Quien Baila´ judge, is now available to dance with you. Casper knows firsthand how dancing helps not only on a personal confidence level, but also increases your chances of connecting with someone on the dance floor.

Casper is willing to help you find your soulmate or the perfect dance partner; he knows all the moves that are necessary to impress, if you don´t believe us, Casper was one of the geniuses behind Queen Beyonce´s “Who Run The World”, and he is responsible for Nicki Minaj´s moves in her “Anaconda” video. The dancer, choreographer and creative director, has recently partnered with Chispa, the number one dating app for Latino singles in the US.

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How did you got your start in dance, we know that you have been in this business for a long time

I started dancing when I was 17, I was a krumper which are freestyle dance moves that feature exaggerated and aggressive movements. I won a dance contest held by choreographer, Debbie Allen, where I scored the $1,000 cash prize. After that, I got signed to a dance agency and started learning new things like tumbling, I fell in love, it changed the course of my entire life and career because I was going to be a firefighter and through that change of plans my mom supported me, she was very proud. I became very successful very fast, I started choreographing by 22 on a big level like from Beyoncé to Nicki Minaj, and I decided to quit dance by 24, I’m 34 now, so I haven‘t danced in over 10 years. Then I started choreographing solely and started creative directing after that .

Who did you got your dance skills from?

My dad, with whom I don‘t have a very strong relationship with he’s an amazing musician like phenomenal on his rhythm, his musicality is definitely incredible he played with The Beach Boys and he was a very good musician across the board, drums piano entire base singing he could do it all up and also my dad was very charming and confident and funny and smart so I got a lot of these these attributes from him on that side, but my mom was the life of the party, the one that everyone loved, she can dance she can sing she laughed she was just confident and I got those things from her, the kindness, sweetness you know, the loving caring side. I was such a mommas boy you know growing up with a single mom um and I got those things from her.

I remember as a young boy at four or five years old I would my mom would put me on the coffee table and I would dance with her and she would do her little steps and I wouldn‘t know what I was doing and that would just be like a little boy just dancing and my brother wouldn’t ever wanna get up and dance you know with her and I would always do it so that was like my beginning I guess more and then we didn‘t really have money growing up to be in dance class or school or anything like that, so I never did it and I played sports at my school team and then you know at 17 I found dance and I found love and that changed my life forever.

What‘s your favorite music to dance nowadays?

I would say salsa, I mean I love reggaeton but like if I‘m going to actually dance or dance with someone I’d rather dance salsa. I love the musicality, it just feels good.

We would like to hear everything about your new partnership

So I‘m signed up and partnered with Chispa app, they brought me on because they did a survey on their app that asked people about dance and 50% of the users said that it is very important to have their partner be good at dancing, and more than 80% said they would go out to dance on a first date. This shows that improving your dance skills will not only help you feel better, but will also allow you to be more successful in your love life. If you feel like dancing, that’s why I‘m here I mean if you are looking for a dance partner with shared background and experience, you can practice your new moves with me or what you learn from me by downloading Chispa to connect with somebody else that shares your dance interest and roots.

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