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Eva Longoria says the BOSU ball has given her the hardest workout ever - what is it?

Get summer body ready like Eva with this fitness tool that’s been around since 2000!

There’s no doubt that Eva Longoria takes her health and fitness routine quite seriously. The Grand Hotel producer has often-time taken to social media to share with her 7.6 million followers some of her great workout moments. In her latest fitness-related adventure, we see Eva performing various tasks (thanks impart to trainer Edwin) on a BOSU ball. We see her doing repetitions with weights, doing lunges and more — all while balancing on the BOSU ball.

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Eva states that working out with the BOSU ball is the best workout she has ever done in her life. But what exactly is a BOSU ball and what makes it celeb and athlete-approved? In 2000, the BOSU Balance Trainer was brought to market by David Weck with the purpose of elevating the fitness experience for everyone looking to incorporate a comprehensive workout routine in their daily lives. The “ball” has one side that is flat and another that resembles an exercise ball. BOSU was originally an acronym for “both sides up,” as people could use both sides. But as time wore on, and attitudes around fitness evolved, BOSU came to mean “both sides utilized.”

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Eva Longoria performs several different exercises using the BOSU ball to help with her body’s strength and stability

Everyone from Olympic athlete Lindsey Vonn to You actress Shay Mitchell (and now Eva) love using the BOSU ball because of how it helps elevate their workout. The BOSU ball helps those who use it achieve toned bodies while also helping their overall stability improve.

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