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Candy cavities alert! Here are the sweets to avoid this Halloween

Check out the video to see what candies to stay away from this season

Sugar rush time! Halloween time is almost synonymous to 'sugar overdose.' Whether it is trick-or-treating with your little ones, the candy distributed at the office, or buying the on-sale candy the day after, everyone is pretty much guaranteed to experience a sugar rush during this time of the year. 

The spooky season however, should not be synonymous to deteriorating health and well-being. In order to celebrate Halloween in the most responsible and stomachache-free way possible, we’ve narrowed down the candies to stay away from during this special time of the year, check them out: 

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We all know that sweets cause cavities. While brushing your teeth, flossing and using mouth wash are some crucial ways to maintain a healthy body, there are certain candies that are more harmful than others. According to Dr. Ramin Tabib from NYC Smiles Design, the worst kind of candy are the ones that stay in your mouth for extended periods of times.

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The extended chewing and lingering time also means extended contact with your teeth, constantly bathing your teeth with sugar and feeding cavity-causing bacteria. Of course, you can still enjoy all these candies when you go trick-or-treating, but remember to brush and floss accordingly and enjoy in moderation so that later you are not suffering from the inevitable sugar rush or worse: the long, not-so-sweet dentist appointment!

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