It is 2019 and in the HOLA! world it means it's time to celebrate. Why? Because this year ¡HOLA! Magazine is celebrating its 75th anniversary.

Back in 1944 ¡HOLA! Magazine was founded by newlywed couple Antonio Sanchez and Mercedes Junco, working from their own home and with little resources, as a way to distract society from the negative events surrounding their daily lives at the time. The main focus of ¡HOLA!  was always to entertain readers by sharing exciting events, providing advice and writing about the latest and trendiest news.

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The first ¡HOLA! was released on September 8, 1944. Its cover featured the Mediterranean coast with the silhouette of an elegant woman. The cover was a reflection of Antonio Sanchez’s vision and his concept for the magazine. Today, that same cover serves as the inspiration of all ¡HOLA! Magazines around the would, proving to be a visual demonstration of ¡HOLA!'s core values: style, serenity and beauty, as well as innovation, entertainment and inspiration.

Throughout its 75 year history, ¡HOLA! has served as a pioneer in the world of photojournalism and as a cultural emblem to the people of Spain - and then worldwide - always transmitting hope and aspiration to its many readers.

¡HOLA!'s cultural relevance continues today by always staying true to its core values, treasuring its exclusivity and remaining loyal and respectful to the many followers who lay eyes on its pages. Today, ¡HOLA! And Hello!, its sister magazine, are edited in thirty-one different countries, published in all five continents and their viewership reaches at least d10 million readers.

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