Erick Elías Father's Day gift ideas

Mexican actor Erick Elías shares his Father's Day plans and favorite grooming products

Father’s Day is quickly approaching, and being that this is a special day to show dads some extra love, there’s no better time to pamper and celebrate all the loving papás out there. If you’re struggling with what to gift the special men in your life, then perhaps father-of-two, Erick Elias, who stars in Telemundo’s Betty en NY, is here to help you. The 38-year-old Mexican actor, who plans to have a relaxing weekend with his wife, Karla Guindi and two daughters, Penelope, eight, and Olivia, five, shares his favorite dad-approved grooming gifts.

The Betty en NY actor is all about simplicity when it comes to his personal grooming routine 

“All men should find products that work for their hair type and should adopt a skin care routine that helps maintain a clear complexion, especially as we age,” he shared. Like many dads, it’s important for Erick to find effective products that will simplify his daily grooming routine as he aims to balance his busy acting career and family.

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“Without a doubt, my gifting recommendations include a combination of grooming essentials and apparel that would make any dad feel good and would also be useful for him.” he shared before adding a few additional recommendations. “For apparel, I recommend a checkered button-down, relaxed fit jeans and white sneakers that easily complement any look.”

Erick's go-to products include a Goodfellow & Co face wash and gentle face scrub

The telenovela star shared his go-to Goodfellow & Co products, which not sound like a perfect Father's Day gift, but are also budget-friendly (yay!). “As part of my personal grooming routine, I typically wash my face morning and night,” explained the I’ve updated my product lineup to include Goodfellow & Co’s new Kelp & Sea Mineral Face Wash and Moroccan Mint & Cedar Face Scrub.”

The father-of-two plans to to spend a nice and relaxing weekend with his wife and daughters 

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As for how he’s celebrating Father’s Day this year? The actor said, “Fortunately, this year I won't be filming during Father's Day. I'll take advantage of the free time to travel with my family and have a nice and relaxing Father's Day dinner with my wife and girls.”

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