Reese and Jennifer Aniston

Reese Witherspoon has a smile that can light up a room and a wonderful sense of humor, so it makes sense that she would be one of the most social butterflies in Hollywood!

The Hello Sunshine founder entered the tinseltown scene more than twenty years ago as a teenager from Tennessee. Over time, she's not only gotten wiser, but has made a large number of inspirational and successful friends, like Jennifer Aniston (who she hilariously discussed while on ELLEN recently).

Check out some of her closest star pals:

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Throughout her career in the entertainment world, Reese has worked alongside talent like Mark Wahlberg, Brooke Shields, Alessandro Nivola, Mark Ruffalo and Nicole Kidman, but her network of powerhouse amigos is much wider than that! The Big Little Lies star has even mingled with Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton! 

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