Luxurious houses, exclusive vacation getaways and fancy cars are just a few signs of a celebs’ high roller status, but the creme de la creme will not be waiting beside you at any red light stops or airport first class lounges. They’ll be flying past you — literally!

From designers to singers all the way to actresses, several celebrities are members of the exclusive multimillion dollar jet-owning club and have their own planes to get them around the world. But which celebrities own private planes? Homecoming star Beyoncéfor one, who gifted her husband Jay-Z with a $40million Bombardier Challenger 850 as a Father’s Day gift in 2012.

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Other members of the elite plane owning group include Sofia Vergara, JLo and A-Rod, Ricky Martin, Gloria Trevi, Tommy Hilfiger and Maluma as well as the entire Kardashian family (they actually own a few!).

Check out the stars' private planes in the video below:

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In 2016, J Balvin had a scare when he was involved in a small plane crash as he as his entourage were leaving the Bahamas on a private plane en route to Miami. But the chart-topper, who wasn't injured, has no fear of flying – the following year he was posting pictures from his personalized Energia plane which had his fourth album’s logo on the side.

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It was not until 2018, however, that the hit maker appeared to acknowledge for the first time that he actually owned the aircraft. In September 2018, J Balvin posted a picture of himself kissing the plane’s nose with the caption: "Gracias a los sueños, hoy me despido de mi primer avión!" Or in English, "Thanks to my dreams, today I say goodbye to my first plane!"

So if you ever find yourself hanging around this elite group of stars, just be aware they’ll be asking which plane should they take, not which car! 

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