Celebrity food trends: Where to get the spectacular milkshakes loved by the stars

By: Alexandra Hurtado

There’s a new hotspot in New York City bringing celebrities and tourists to the yard with their over-the-top milkshakes. Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer, located in both Manhattan’s SoHo and Meatpacking District, is known for their mouth-watering burgers, but it's their Instagram-worthy desserts that have taken the city by storm.

The trendy shakes have attracted the likes of Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson, who recently shared a snap of the delectable dessert. The Weeknd, Joe Jonas and Nicky Hilton have also been spotted visiting the popular destination, in addition to the many tourists and New Yorkers alike who wait in “2-hour lines out the door” to dine at the establishment.

The Cookie, Cotton Candy and Sweet N' Salty shakes Photo: Courtesy of Black Tap

The restaurant’s menu offers three staple, whimsical shakes: Sweet N’ Salty, Cotton Candy and the Cookie Shake. Executive Chef and Owner Joe Isidori credits his wife as the inspiration behind the elaborate desserts. Joe tells HELLO!, “One day she wanted a cotton candy milk shake, so I made it for her and our new menu item was born!” He admitted that has proven to be the "most popular [shake] by far."

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The shakes, which stand at nearly a foot tall, are each available in two flavors: caramel or chocolate for the Sweet N' Salty, vanilla or strawberry for the Cotton Candy and vanilla or chocolate for the Cookie shake. All are topped off with scrumptious treats, ranging from cookies to candies and lollipops, depending on the drink selected.

Photo: Instagram.com/nickyhilton

The Sweet N' Salty shake alone features a chocolate-peanut butter rim with M&Ms and PB cups, topped off with a sugar daddy, pretzel rod, chocolate covered pretzel, whipped cream and chocolate drizzle can you say delicious? Joe revealed, "The rim of the milkshakes are... frosted which makes all topping adhere to the glass."

“We believe the milkshakes have gotten so popular because of word of mouth. Social media doesn’t hurt either,” Black Tap owner's said. “They’re aesthetically pleasing, of course, but people wouldn’t recommend them to their friends if they didn’t actually taste good!”

We recommend them too, but be sure to complete your meal with a savory burger and take a picture because Instagram, or it didn't happen... right?

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