Pippa Middleton: How she'll pick Christmas stocking stuffers for nephew Prince George

Pippa Middleton is making sure she doesn't get caught up in the last minute Christmas rush. The Duchess of Cambridge's sister has been sharing her ideas for gift giving and hinted at what stocking stuffers she will be buying for her nephew Prince George and his new sister Charlotte.

Speaking to Waitrose Weekend magazine the 32-year-old doting aunt pointed out: "For children, few things bring on the anticipation of Christmas more than the thought of stockings bursting with presents."

Party planner Pippa has a few ideas for her nephew Prince George Photo: Getty Images

While not everyone gets a head start on crossing things off their list, Pippa, who was spotted out and about shopping with her mom Carole Middleton this week, starts looking for stocking stuffers a few months before Christmas. "It’s much more charming and enjoyable to find fillers along the way without the stress of emergency buying."

Pippa's efforts will make her popular with George. Prince William has said that their little future King is indeed excited by the thought of the celebrations and will "be bouncing around like a rabbit" on Christmas Eve.

His sister-in-law also has ideas for the older members of the family. "I often find quirky and fun gifts when I least expect to – in antiques and card shops, browsing the internet or window shopping. I love adding a personal touch to everyone's stockings."

Her attention to detail extends right down to finding the right wrapping paper. "Once I’ve found the right gifts, the next problem is making sure each item is small enough to pack into a stocking – and also finding wrapping paper thin enough to wrap small or awkward gifts," Pippa said.

Pippa started early in her hunt for gifts for the little Prince Photo: Getty Images

To keep things organized, "I tend to go for a different pattern of wrapping paper for different family members and use Post-it notes to label what's what," she revealed.

It's not known whether the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are going to be at Anmer Hall, their home on the Queen's Sandringham Estate, as they were last year or whether they will go to Kate's parents' home in Bucklebury as they did during Kate's first pregnancy.

Wherever they will be, the family of four will enjoy a traditional Christmas. In an interview with The Big issue, the Prince said the couple would start by going to church as a family "as we always do," before returning home to share gifts.

"We'll watch George try to tackle his presents as he tries to unwrap them. It's a very different experience at Christmas, having a family of your own," the father-of-two explained. "It'd be nice if we got a white Christmas because we haven't had one in many years."

Meanwhile, it seems William's in-laws the Middletons have their Christmas and New Year party planning all wrapped up. Mother-in-law Carole recently shared her own tips on how to throw a fabulous soirée as 2015 comes to a close.

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