Gabriela Hernandez

Hernandez‘s historically inspired brand is committed to clean beauty while embracing the present and future of the cosmetics industry

Designer and cosmetics historian Gabriela Hernandez started Bésame Cosmetics to bring back the simple glamour of her grandmother’s beauty routine. Hernandez founded the company in 2004 and immediately gained a fanbase in love with the brand‘s meticulously designed, historically inspired, and highly pigmented cosmetics.

Gabriela started this company in 2004©Bésame Cosmetics

Gabriela ensured that Bésame Cosmetics‘s luxurious formulations were made with “pride and a labor of love;” therefore, each product is100% cruelty-free and created for sensitive skin. The brand also stays away from gluten, parabens, or mineral oils.

Another thing that makes Hernandez‘s company unique is that it is wholly owned and operated by her and her family. According to Bésame Cosmetics, all products are produced locally in California. Gabriela oversees every batch and makes sure all products are long-wearing, minimal waste, and packaged to be displayed proudly.

The brand is also committed to clean beauty. Hernandez works closely with the company‘s chemist to ensure they are exceeding the clean beauty standards. The beauty expert focuses on “safety, transparency, and education, ultimately empowering customers to make informed decisions.”

Besame Cosmetics©Besame Cosmetics
#BesameCosmetics products like Color Lipstick, Cake Mascara, and Cream Rouge are some of our classic beauty items for modern women. Each one of our products has a unique personality, ready for you to be discovered.

“While most of our products are inspired by the past, we actively embrace the present and future of the cosmetics industry, with clean beauty at the forefront,” Hernandez informed through the company‘s website. “Clean beauty at its core is about safe and responsible ingredients; not all-natural ingredients are good for you, and not all synthetic ingredients are unsafe. Overall, all our products are produced without ingredients that are deemed harmful and toxic. Being a small family-run business, we have total control in the formulation of our products.”

Bésame Cosmetics recently launched two Masterliner pencils, available in black and brown. The highly blend-able, long-lasting, and 100% recyclable vegan pencils are made in Italy to bring European elegance to your makeup routine.⁠

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