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Elevate your dating app profile with makeup tips from Melt Cosmetics co-founder, Lora Arellano

Boost your dating app using these insider tips to create an irresistible profile picture

Nowadays dating apps are one of the primary ways we match with potential partners. With countless options of apps available at our fingertips, it can be daunting to navigate the world of online dating. HOLA! USA had the chance to chat with makeup artist and Melt Cosmetics co-founder Lora Arellano. She shared her personal dating app journey and dished out expert tips, along with her favorite products, to help others achieve a captivating and flawless beauty look to get their dating profiles noticed.

Lora shared how she found her fiancé through dating apps and revealed that she felt uncertain about where to begin, so she started with apps catering to Latin singles, wanting to connect with people who shared her values and understood her passions. This was when she stumbled upon the app Chispa, a starting point for her incredible romantic journey.

“I had only ever dated Mexicans, so I thought I would start with something that felt familiar. It was important for me to find someone who appreciated the same music I did, like mariachi, but also had a deep love for Mexican food, just like my family and I do.”
Wether you embrace your softer or bold side, the key is to align your look with your intentions.©Lora Arellano
Wether you embrace your softer or bold side, the key is to align your look with your intentions.

However, Lora knew that success on dating apps wasn’t solely dependent on the app itself. Creating an enticing and captivating profile that left a lasting impression was crucial. And let’s not forget one of the key ingredients to a stellar profile is an impeccable beauty look.

During the interview, Lora reflected on her experience and shared some valuable insights. She mentioned how she toned down her makeup to appear less intimidating, opting for a more subdued look. Red lipstick, known for its alluring charm, was reserved for later dates, while the initial profile pictures and first dates called for a softer aesthetic.

The makeup artist stressed the importance of achieving a natural and enhanced version of yourself. To help you in this quest, Lora shared her go-to products. She raved about the Protini Peptide Cream from Drunk Elephant, a lightweight moisturizer that lays the perfect foundation for a soft and flawless complexion. Lora also praised the Tarte Shape Tape concealer, known for its transformative powers, and Honest Beauty’s ccc tinted moisturizer, which imparts a natural-looking, youthful glow ideal for those in their thirties.

Beauty products recommended by Lora Arellano to achieve your perfect dating profile pic beauty look©Courtesy
Beauty products recommended by Lora Arellano to achieve your perfect dating profile pic beauty look

When it comes to the lips, Lora recommended the Cashmere lip liner from Melt Cosmetics and Fenty Beauty gloss bomb, advising us to apply it all over the lips for a subtle enhancement. Another product she adored was the Honey Thief Cream blush from Melt Cosmetics, a magical formula that effortlessly imparts a fresh and youthful appearance. To ensure your makeup stays on point throughout the day or night, Lora’s ultimate recommendation is the All Nighter spray by Urban Decay—an invisible shield against makeup meltdowns.

For those aspiring to emulate Lora’s incredible dating app success, she advised adapting your makeup look to attract the person you seek. Her preference was to appear more approachable, blend in, and find someone compatible with her lifestyle and values, rather than merely seeking casual encounters.

Watch Lora’s natural makeup tutorial with her everyday staples.

“Remember, authenticity is key, and finding someone who appreciates you for who you are is the ultimate goal.”

Lora Arellano’s approach on the dating app beauty is a testament to the power of adapting your appearance to achieve a desired outcome. Whether you choose to embody a toned-down and approachable look or embrace your bold and unique style, the key is to project an image that aligns with your intentions. By doing so, you can confidently put your best foot forward in the competitive world of online dating.

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