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Follow Sofia Carson’s beauty routine for perfect hair, skin and lips

Find out the ‘Descendants’ actress’ tips for fantastic skin, makeup, and hair

The Evil Queen may have told her teenage daughter Evie that “beauty is pain,”  in the Descendants saga but Sofia Carson, who played the teen, refuses to follow such advice in real life. From an early age, she has appreciated the importance of caring for her health as a foundation of beauty. For this young star, “beauty lies in our imperfections.”

Since her rise to fame in 2015, Sofia has put a spell on young audiences and this year she became the global ambassador of the Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation. Her  roles in Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists and the Disney Channel’s Descendants 3 have helped her to hone her beauty routine for the camera.

However she doesn’t seem to have the same obsession for makeup as her famous character Evie. Instead she prefers a fresh and natural look. One thing she does insist on though, is always applying her liner and lipstick perfectly.

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The actress likes a natural, fresh look and likes to highlight her eyes and her smile

Caring for her face

The actress is exceptionally strict with her makeup removal routine. She never goes to bed without carefully taking off her makeup.  To make sure her skin is thoroughly clean, she uses the instant facial exfoliator Goop by Juice Beauty ($125).

A few times each week, she complements her routine with Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque ($39.93). Before putting on makeup, she prepares her skin with Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream ($119.82), which gives her the right level of hydration and – of course – she never forgets to apply her SPF 100 sunblock.

Sofia exfoliates and hydrates her skin with these two products

Her hair is part of her identity

She is the proud owner of a well-kept, glossy head of hair that she often puts up in a ponytail. Caring for her hair is hugely important to her and she is a fan of the Kérastase Nutritive line, which guarantees the shine and health her hair needs.

In the entertainment industry, hair is exposed to elements that damage it. That’s why Sofia includes products in her routine to repair, condition and deeply hydrate her hair

Leading lips

Sofia has stated on several occasions that she is not a fan of going overboard with makeup. She likes a natural, fresh look, but she always strives to highlight her eyes and smile. She says she can’t live without a good mascara, like Dior Pump N’Volume ($14.98).

As to lipstick, she usually uses strong, solid colors like Ruby Woo by Mac ($23) or more neutral color-schemes like Charlotte Tilbury’s Lipstick in Penelope Pink ($49.45).

She may gloss over any other detail, but never her lips, which are always perfectly lined

Her famous Disney character’s blue hair and obsession for beauty seems to have left a bit of a mark on this young actress, whose future looks very bright!

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